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Designed for retail
A new and improved shopping experience

Solar Uniquartier will be a showcase of diversity: the residential units, office towers and convention centre will coexist with over 500,000 ft2 of retail space. Dotted with restaurants and shops, the neighbourhood will be transformed into a human-scale shopping centre where people will want to linger and enjoy life.

The leafy street will provide a festive atmosphere and a redesigned shopping experience. Easily accessible from both the Place de la Gare and the central park, it will create a bridge connecting the two, encouraging active transportation, with plenty of space for pedestrians.

The street will be lined with a great variety of local shops offering fresh products and personalized service. The soon-to-be built viaduct connecting to the DIX30 shopping district will maximize Solar’s already outstanding retail offering.

It’s the best of both worlds: the warmth and friendliness of a small town with the amenities of a big city.

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