A taste for good food, Boulangerie Ange style

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How do you like your breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners? Tasty? Decadent? Nutritious? We do too! Welcome to the refined and sustainable world of Boulangerie Ange!

Open in Solar Uniquartier since December, Boulangerie Ange is the place to go for specialty breads, pastries, sweet and savoury pies, classic and premium pizzas, inspired sandwiches, desserts and more!


More than just a bakery

Why Boulangerie Ange? First, for its surprisingly affordable premium products. Second, because the company exclusively uses sustainably grown Quebec wheat flour, promoting respect for both nature and the farmer. Finally, because Boulangerie Ange is committed to donating its unsold products to various associations. Wow! We love it!


Enjoy or take home the very best

Start the day with a selection of grilled baguettes (multigrain, fig and spice, nuts, olives, etc.), perfect croissants, flaky on the outside and tender on the inside, or a piece of fabulous quiche Lorraine, made with crème fraîche, ham, bacon, mozzarella and cheddar. A delicacy!


For lunch, treat yourself to one of many legendary sandwiches: l’Atlantique (ciabatta bread, horseradish cream, arugula, tomato, smoked salmon), the Panini Pink (panini bread with beets, tomato pesto sauce, grilled vegetables, butternut squash, beans) or the Basque (baguette, sesame seeds, olive oil, arugula, grilled vegetables, prosciutto, parmesan). A dozen different options, as well as an interesting variety of nutritional salads, are sure to satisfy your gourmet taste buds.


In the evening, pizza rules! What’s your favourite? Pepperoni, margarita, all dressed, Savoyard, Quebecois, Texan, Oriental or Tandoori? Boulangerie Ange has concocted twenty surprising recipes that marry freshness with flavour! Treat yourself on the spot or in the comfort of your kitchen!


Visit Boulangerie Ange at Solar Uniquartier

Where: 105 de l’Équinoxe Street, Brossard

When: Open 7 days/week



Bon appétit!


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