Université de Montréal opens a new campus at Solar Uniquartier

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Université de Montréal’s new campus will be ready to welcome students for the 2022 school year. Connected to the Du Quartier REM station, this campus will be replacing the one currently located in Longueuil.

Benefiting from Solar Uniquartier’s many attractions, Université de Montréal’s new campus will total 3,500 square metres on two floors. Short programs focused on professional development, microprograms and certificates in health, social services and languages will be offered along with others.

The campus, built by Devimco Immobilier in partnership with the Fonds de solidarité FTQ and Fondaction, is already under construction and will be located at 2,000 Avenue de l’Éclipse.


Technologically-advanced facilities

With its spacious and modern architecture, the campus is designed to promote active, collaborative and individual learning. Multifunctional facilities, using technology as a lever, will allow in-person, multimode or hybrid learning.

The future complex will be equipped with:

  • Virtual reality, video production and recording labs;
  • Library service point;
  • Efficient wireless network;
  • State-of-the-art auditorium;
  • Technical support on-site;
  • Multifunctional rooms;
  • Study and collaboration rooms.


A positive economic outcome for Solar Uniquartier

Université de Montréal’s new campus will increase the attractiveness and popularity of Solar Uniquartier. Those who choose Solar Uniquartier as their business location will benefit from an unparalleled talent pool. This reality defines Solar Uniquartier as a prime commercial destination.

The full scope of the project will be unveiled in the coming months.

Official launch in September 2022. Be there!

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