The Public Market, an eco-friendly initiative, settles in at Solar Uniquartier!

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As of July 5, visit Solar Uniquartier’s Public Market at Place de la Gare every Sunday. Get your bags and baskets ready!

This summer, discover fresh and seasonal products at Solar Uniquartier. The Public Market is the perfect place to enjoy refreshing summer flavours and to find out more about our local products.


A variety of local products

The Public Market will be divided into 4 sections: fruits and vegetables, bakery goods, products from organic farming and various other products (fresh flowers, pickles, maple products, etc.). Add some colour and a little zest to your summer meals! Local producers come together to offer Solar Uniquartier’s residents and visitors fresh market garden produce and Quebec’s finest local products.

As Le Panier Bleu enjoys a surge in popularity, this is a great way to support Quebec’s businesses, suppliers, producers, and artisans!


A sustainable and eco-friendly initiative

In order to meet Solar Uniquartier’s increased ambition on environmental priorities and to actively contribute to the achievement of the City of Brossard’s sustainability goals, the Public Market will comply to the highest environmental standards and most rigorous environmentally responsible management policies. The objective is to offer consumers an option that encourages local economy, thereby reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from freight transport. The Public Market’s framework combines all the elements to balance economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Zero plastic waste!

People who wish to shop at Solar Uniquartier’s Public Market are invited to bring reusable bags. No single-use plastic product will be distributed or sold on-site. So remember to carry your water bottle and stay hydrated if a heat wave comes across!


Solar Uniquartier’s Public Market is a must-visit destination this summer!

Where : Place de la Gare, 5275 boulevard Lapinière, Brossard, Quebec  J4Z 3W7

Dates : From July 5th until September 6th, 2020, from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.

*No cash accepted. Credit or debit cards only.






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