ORBEAT: Solar Uniquartier’s new gastronomy and entertainment space

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A true destination within a destination, ORBEAT will be the heart and epicentre of Solar Uniquartier. A place that will transport us, inspire us and beckon us to discover the flavourful, the unexpected and the spectacular.  


From lively Place de la Gare to verdant l’Avenue de l’Équinoxe, through l’Espace Explora and its vibrant Halle Gourmande, ORBEAT will bring together the pioneers of gastronomy and the art of living in Solar Uniquartier’s many different areas.


Place de la Gare: an arrival and departure point  

Surrounded by commercial, office and residential spaces, Place de la Gare will become the neighbourhood’s quintessential meeting place for shows, animation and concerts. Connected to the REM, there will be on the go food kiosks, and a multitude of healthy and renowned restaurants offering an incomparable gourmet experience, from morning to night.


Delightful shops on l’Avenue de l’Équinoxe

Featuring pop-up shops, cafés, bakeries, cheese shops and ready-made meals, l’Avenue de l’Équinoxe will become a pleasant pedestrian venue, where you can stroll at your leisure, and shop for plenty of fresh, quality products for your weekly meals, to satisfy your cravings or for a picnic in Central Park, just a few steps away.


Espace Explora and La Halle Gourmande

Considered to be ORBEAT’s culinary landmark, l’Espace Explora and its Halle Gourmande – imagined by our ambassador Claude Larivée from la Tribu – invites you to experience a gastronomic journey into the heart of a multicultural city. Onsite, signature restaurants will rub shoulders with culinary events, cultural activities, immersive experiences and discoveries of all kinds within these unique gathering spaces.


Sustainable in every way  

Built on the principles of sustainable development, Solar Uniquartier combines avant-garde design with a privileged living environment. A proud ambassador of our project, Jean-François Archambault, from La Tablée des Chefs, will also be involved in managing the destination’s surplus food and setting up culinary workshops with a social focus. Finally, technologies will be in place to offer unique and easy access to various services within the community.


ORBEAT, a world apart in Solar Uniquartier!

Interested in learning more about ORBEAT or becoming one of our privileged businesses or ambassadors? Check out our brochure or contact our team today! (450) 645-2525 (cliquable), infolocation@devimco.com .

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