Magellan Condos Phase 1 : 100% SOLD!

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Phase 1 of Magellan Condos is officially 100% sold!

The enthusiasm and demand for the project were so strong that phase 1 was sold in under a year!

This 136 units tower featuring 1 to 3-bedroom condos and penthouses was the first Solar Uniquartier residential project to see the day in the heart of Solar Uniquartier.

Magellan Condos invites you into an environment entirely created to take your experience Solar Uniquartier to new heights. A unique, forward-looking housing project linked to the future REM train station by an underground tunnel.

With a strong focus on avant-garde and multipurpose living spaces, Magellan Condos Phase 1 propose a cosy living room-lounge with fireplace and multipurpose room. The project will also feature a bright and airy sports center with state-of-the-art technological facilities. Finally, the superb rooftop terrace offers a large swimming pool, a pergola, as well as an outdoor lounge.

To know more or to discover Phase 2 and Phase 3, click here.

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