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Commercial and office spaces

With more than 500,000 sq. ft of commercial spaces, and over 600,000 sq. ft. of office spaces, a conference centre and 2 hotel complexes, Solar Uniquartier is emerging as Québec’s new economic axis. An intelligent, progressive and easily accessible place to work, live and thrive. This significant mixed-use, forward-thinking neighbourhood represents an investment of $1.3 billion.

Solar Uniquartier
Solar Uniquartier

Avant-garde in its design, Solar Uniquartier is designed to offer workers, merchants and citizens a unique experience that fosters the exchange of ideas and promotes urban vitality. A neighbourhood that is a great place to live, work and play, in an innovative environment!

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Promoting relationships between workers, residents, visitors and merchants, Solar Uniquartier ensures steady traffic flow throughout the year. The neighbourhood will offer restaurants, shops and businesses, and a variety of local products. Watch the video!



With its hotel offering, interactive conference centre, parks and expansive pedestrian areas, Solar Uniquartier is a place of growth, dynamism and interaction designed for companies and for the quality of life of their workers. Watch the video!

More than 1 million sq. ft.

of total area

One million sq. ft. of commercial and office spaces, hotels and a state-of-the-art conference center, 2,600 residential units, a large 12,000 m2 park, a Sports health and fitness complex, a public area and a station of the Metropolitan Electric Network (REM). Phase 1 of Solar Uniquartier will include 91,000 sq. ft. of commercial spaces and 192,000 sq. ft. of office spaces.

More than 500,000 sq. ft

dedicated to businesses

Dotted with restaurants and shops, the neighbourhood will be a welcoming commercial centre where you can stroll, linger and enjoy life to its fullest. The main street, the commercial thoroughfare running through the site, will become ‘the’ place to enjoy a new and completely redefined shopping experience. The Marriott’s Courtyard chain will build a 184-room hotel during phase 1 of the project.

More than 600,000 sq. ft.

of office spaces

Solar Uniquartier will soon become the number one business destination of choice. It will resemble a true professional development city for businesses wanting to settle on the South Shore. They will benefit from an exceptional environment with sports facilities, recreational areas, a daycare centre, a conference centre, hotel complexes, as well as direct access to the REM train station. Also, one of the branches of iA Financial Group Career network will occupy a floor of the Place de la Gare tower at the end of the summer of 2018 and will officially open its offices at the end of 2018.

Strategic location at the crossroads

of the A-10 and A-30, close to Quartier DIX30

Solar Uniquartier is strategically located in the heart of a very busy area, where car traffic totals 77,000 vehicles per day on weekdays.

REM Network: 24 000

passengers per average weekday

The proposed REM station anticipates an annual traffic volume of 18,571,180 users in 2021 and 21,098,096 users in 2031. The REM will link Brossard to downtown Montréal in 15 minutes, with trains departing every 6 minutes. The 6, 32, 132 and RRA bus lines will operate from the Gare du Quartier. This will be the very first TOD (Transit-Oriented Development) project focused on the future Metropolitan Electrical System (REM).

Residential spaces: 2 600


The Solar Uniquartier residential area will offer 2,600 residential units. Construction started in the summer of 2017.


A multi-use development project, Solar Uniquartier is strategically located at the crossroads of highways 10 and 30, close to Quartier DIX30, the Champlain Bridge, downtown Montréal, Boulevard du Quartier and Brossard’s industrial park. Housing the future REM station, Solar Uniquartier will become a central gathering hub, ensuring the productivity of businesses and services.

Download the commercial brochure containing detailed information, plans, as well as projected traffic stats for the Solar Uniquartier project.

Designed for retail

Solar Uniquartier focuses on diversity and connectivity. More than 500,000 sq. ft. of commercial spaces coexist with office towers, the conference center and the residential sector. Dotted with restaurants and shops, the area unfolds as a mall on a human scale where you can enjoy life.

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Designed for its location

Solar Uniquartier will become the most sought-after commercial neighbourhood in Greater Montréal. Ideally located and serviced by the future REM train station, Solar Uniquartier will be easily accessible. The goal: an open-air, welcoming shopping centre, as well as a pedestrian-friendly gathering place.

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Place de la Gare
Designed for fun

Surrounded by office, commercial and residential spaces, Place de la Gare will become a vibrant gathering place, a great venue for shows, film screenings, street entertainment and artistic performances. This area will be positioned as the new downtown spot of the South Shore of Montreal. In addition, Place Foodies will energize another sector with its varied themes and seasonal products.

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