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Devimco Immobilier: a vision of development shaping the future.

For 25 years, Devimco Immobilier has stayed a step ahead of the competition. Devimco is a leader in real estate development in Quebec that stands out in design and implementation of major real estate projects.

The company first made its mark building mega shopping centres in the Quebec City and Montreal areas.

In the early 2000s, Devimco Immobilier was in the spotlight again when it created the DIX30 district, the first lifestyle centre designed and built in Quebec. Its success was undeniable and it has become a great calling card for the company.

In 2005, Devimco embarked on a new adventure: revitalizing the Griffintown district of Montreal. The challenge was immense, but it was met with brillo, as the company turned Griffintown into one of the trendiest places in Canada today.

Driven by its vision of future development, Devimco Immobilier is not resting on its laurels. Having reinvented the concept of shopping centres and given a new image to an entire neighbourhood, today the company is designing and building the largest integrated development project in Quebec: Solar Uniquartier, the new benchmark for real estate development.

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