Devimco Immobilier innovates once more and launches the most important forward-thinking development in Quebec

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Devimco Immobilier held the launch of SOLAR UNIQUARTIER, a one billion dollars major mixed-use development project which will become the most important forward-thinking development in Quebec.

Designed to offer a one of a kind experience to residents, the project will include:

  • 2500 residential units;
  • a vast and leafy park expanding on 130 000 sq ft;
  • one million sq ft of commercial and office space;
  • two hotels and a top of the line congress center;
  • a sports, health and leisure complex of european inspiration;
  • an animated public space and;
  • a train station for the metropolitan electrical system (REM) which would take you downtown Montreal in less than 10 minutes.

The future city centre of the South Shore

Located on the North-East angle of highways 30 and 10, SOLAR UNIQUARTIER redefines the way we live together and proposes a conscious, integrated and animated concept where people don’t only live and work, but where they interact with one another to create a true community.

A gathering place

The future Place de la Gare with its lively atmosphere and many services, boutiques and restaurants to please everyone, will bring this mixed-use neighborhood to a whole new level and make it the nerve center of the South Shore, where everyone will come to enjoy life.

A re-designed commercial experience

At SOLAR UNIQUARTIER, mixed functionality is fundamental: residential units, office towers, and a congress centre will coexist, with 500 000 sq ft occupied by commercial spaces.

With restaurants and retailers scattered all over, the whole neighborhood will be transformed into a human scale commercial centre where residents will want to walk and enjoy everyday life.

An incomparable quality of life

Green spaces, eco-friendly neighborhood, social and physical activity sites, easy access to stores and services by foot, exterior movie theatre, self serve library, vegetable garden, training circuits, swimming pools… everything was well thought-out to make life more enjoyable and increase the number of recreational activities for future residents, tenants and visitors of the 2500 residential units built around the imposing central park. Studios, 1, 2, 3 bedroom condos and penthouses will be available, some of them offering breathtaking views of Montreal and the surroundings.

A minimal environmental footprint for an optimal experience

In collaboration with ACDF*, LemayMichaud and FABG architecture firms, SOLAR UNIQUARTIER was inspired by best practices everywhere in terms of sustainable development and eco-responsibility. In addition to a central park comparable in size to three football fields and serving as the green lung of the neighborhood, the project is focused on active transportation favouring pedestrians and cyclists. A cycling path and a walking circuit will cross the site and guide residents to the Place de la Gare and different public transportation options.

An innovative model

SOLAR UNIQUARTIER is the very first TOD (« Transit Oriented Development ») project focused on the future metropolitan electrical system (REM). This system will make it possible to transit from downtown Montreal to the future REM train station in a few minutes only. The train station planned for 2020, will be connected to the Place de la Gare by a pedestrian/cycling bridge. This forward-thinking model, which facilitates people’s lives by integrating public transportation in the best possible way, will undoubtedly become the new reference in terms of real-estate development in Quebec

We are proud to officially launch the SOLAR UNIQUARTIER project, after a long and meticulous period of brainwork and conceptualization for the long-term benefit of the South Shore. For the last 25 years at Devimco Immobilier, we have always made it a priority to innovate and push the boundaries of each project. Today, more than ever, it is the case with SOLAR UNIQUARTIER which exemplifies the new trend for better living in terms of real-estate, declared Serge Goulet, president of Devimco Immobilier.

About Devimco Immobilier

Devimco Immobilier is a leading real-estate developer in Quebec, renowned for the creation and implementation of large-scale real-estate « lifestyle » projects, which combine different components such as retailers, offices, recreational sites and residential units. In fact, Devimco was the first real-estate firm to develop this type of complex in Canada. Since 2005, Devimco has also been developing the largest private real-estate project in Montreal, District Griffin, an authentic living environment where the entire social fabric of a community is represented. Devimco is also the promoter of Condos O’Nessy located at 1800, René-Lévesque boulevard West in Montreal.


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