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Solar Uniquartier will become one of the most sought-after destination in the area. Thanks to an extremely strategic location at the intersection of highways 30 and 10, the site will be easily accessible from these two major highways and by public transportation. Solar proposes an entirely new shopping experience for customers, therefore it is the ideal location for retailers and businesses who are looking to establish themselves in a prime location very likely to become a popular destination in the metropolitan area.
In addition to the exceptional visibility they will get from highways 10 and 30, businesses will be able to attract customers who either live, work or visit Solar regularly just because they love it.

The planned construction of the overpass which will unite both sides of highway 10 with the continuation of boulevard du Quartier will increase pedestrian and cyclist circulation even more on this street and make it even easier to transit from Quartier DIX30 to Solar Uniquartier.

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