ORBEAT: gastronomy and entertainment in the heart of Solar Uniquartier

Dream in colours and in flavours

From animated Place de la Gare and verdant rue de l’Équinoxe, to Espace Explora and its vibrant Halle Gourmande, ORBEAT brings together the pioneers of gastronomy and the art of living in Solar Uniquartier’s remarkable spaces.

Place de la Gare
the arrival and departure point

Place de la Gare is the quintessential gathering place in the neighbourhood, where shows, street entertainment and concerts take centre stage. Connected to the REM, this is where you will find tasty food venues, a multitude of healthy restaurants and famous eateries for an incomparable gourmet experience, from morning to evening.

Rue de l’Équinoxe
and its specialty businesses

Rue de l’Équinoxe is the ideal pedestrian area for a leisurely stroll and to stock up on fresh, quality products. Its pop-up style establishments, cafés, bakeries, cheese shops and takeout food venues will become your go-to favourites for your weekly grocery shopping, cravings or picnics in Central Park, just a few steps away.

Espace Explora
and its Halle Gourmande

Considered to be ORBEAT’s cultural landmark, Espace Explora and its Halle Gourmande invite you to experience a gastronomic journey into the heart of this city’s multiculturalism. On site signature restaurants comingle with culinary events, cultural activities, immersive experiences and discoveries of all kinds in gathering spaces that set ORBEAT apart.

EMBLM offers integrated solutions, from designing to reorganizing workspaces. It provides support to architects and designers and distributes leading brands of office furniture and accessories. EMBLM has branches across Quebec and is renowned for sharing its prominent expertise with businesses and institutions since 1975.

Renowned as one of the most prominent luxury real estate agencies in the world, Engel & Völkers is the international gateway to the most prestigious properties.

With its distinctive and innovative cuisine, its wide selection of local beers, fine wines and spirits, and its relaxed bistro atmosphere, Vertigo is the ideal place for happy hours with friends, business meetings, dinner parties, a festive night out or a romantic dinner. Opening soon!

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Discover our dedicated advisory point of service, where a multidisciplinary team of experienced advisors, financial planners, private bankers and commercial account managers come together under one roof.

Your destination of choice for yummy bread, pies, pizzas, pastries and sandwiches!

The place for entertainment!

ORBEAT is positioned to become a true entertainment venue, with multiple immersive, interactive and dynamic experiences such as escape, board, virtual reality, arcade games, and more. All you have to do is play! Your turn!

Sustainable in every way

Built on the principles of sustainable development, Solar Uniquartier stands out for its overall design. Its vision includes a peri-urban and ecological agricultural park that will supply fresh food for onsite restaurants. La Tablée des Chefs will also be involved in the management of food surplus and the organization of culinary workshops.

Projet en cours : CONDO MAGELLAN [FR]Nous sommes fiers d’être associés à Edyfic Construction et Devimco Immobilier pour réaliser ce projet grandiose et sommes impatients de commencer la phase 3 qui comptera 23 étages et plus de 200 résidences. [EN]We’re proud to team up with Edyfic Construction and Devimco Immobilier to build this spectacular project, and we’re impatient to start working on phase 3 with its 23 stories offering over 200 homes.
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Just little miss enjoying some wine on a Tuesday 😉
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Petite promenade en famille pour voir le plus gros et haut sapin 🌲 sur la Rive-Sud! #dix30 #feeria #solaruniquartier jo_ha_ny ...

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J'aime ça les sapins bon.
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Le Jazz Brossard est une résidence privée pour aînés (RPA) située au cœur de solar_uniquartier , l’un des plus grands développements mixtes à voir le jour au Québec.

Située face au parc central qui animera le quartier, le Jazz Brossard est constitué de deux tours de 15 et 26 étages reliées par un basilaire de 6 étages accentuant la présence au bâtiment à l’échelle piétonne. Comportant 381 unités locatives et 24 chambres de soins, le projet possède de généreux espaces communs. À l’extérieur, des espaces couverts ceinturés de panneaux perforés créent un filtre visuel intime sans nécessairement bloquer les vues vers le parc.

Par l’ajout de deux salons panoramiques, le bâtiment tire avantage de sa hauteur afin de permettre à ses occupants d’obtenir des vues imprenables sur le quartier et sur le centre-ville de Montréal.

Au final, le Jazz Brossard s’inscrit comme étant l’un des projets phares de Solar Uniquartier et s’impose comme l’un des ouvrages les plus aboutis de cogir_immobilier .

Rendu architectural : graphsynergie cogir_immobilier

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