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With the REM directly onsite, an active transportation network and a sustainable vision for the future.

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ORBEAT: Solar Uniquartier’s gastronomic and entertainment destination

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The pleasure of living,
working and playing

The best of all worlds, in perfect harmony with yours.

The most innovative, integrated real estate development in Quebec

Imagining the neighbourhood of tomorrow is building for the future on a solid and sustainable foundation. That’s exactly what Solar Uniquartier is doing. Creating a cohesive and connected community that evolves and flourishes, day after day, in the heart of a spectacular living environment.


Incomparable residential complexes in a neighbourhood designed to offer a remarkable lifestyle.


Renowned establishments in a grandiose environment showcasing a reinvented commercial experience.


State-of-the-art offices and business spaces, and the most innovative hotel and conference centre on the South Shore of Montreal.

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