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Solar Uniquartier

Designed with a difference

Design the neighbourhood of the future. Build it today. Make it come to life. Give it a soul. That is the challenge Devimco has given itself in laying the foundations for Solar Uniquartier. Its goal: a neighbourhood that is well-thought-out, integrated and full of life, where people not only live and work, but interact, creating a real community.

Avant-garde in its design, Solar Uniquartier completely rethinks the way we live together. It was designed to provide people with an extraordinary experience, an easier, richer life.

How? By putting innovative planning and layout into practice. By using a sustainable and environmentally responsible approach to development. By creating numerous places for people to gather, relax or play. By facilitating transportation. By focusing on green spaces. By always putting people at the centre of the experience.

Why Uniquartier?

Because Solar brings together everything you want and need in one neighbourhood! Residential and commercial. Leisure and business. People and community. Because it will eventually become a unifying link between downtown Montreal and the South Shore thanks to the light rail transit system (LRT).

Because it is the only development of its kind.

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